Photo by Brooke Trisolini

Lauren Flower is a former dancer of the Boston Ballet with dedicated years as an Artist. Prior to her career in Boston, she was a company member with Ballet Arizona. During her time spent in both companies, Flower has had opportunities to explore her choreographic voice and furthermore expand on her creativity. Most recently having created a new work for Boston Ballet II, she is now using her drive and focus towards bettering a community for LGBTQ+ members who are underrepresented in ballet.


With Flower continuing to pursue her passions through choreography, she has found the importance of using this time to advocate and build a platform throughout the dance world and all companies. While she and others whom identify within the LGBTQ+ community, it is apparent that the underrepresentation amongst many dancers continues to be silenced.


Flower is devoted to bringing awareness towards these issues and to better the change that is long overdue.

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