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Sharing Our Stories

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Hi everyone!

To start off this week, I want to highlight a new page within my blog that I have been looking forward to sharing with you all. A few weeks ago, I decided to write and publicly share my journey on coming out and within those moments of writing, I remember thinking to myself how I wish I had a story like mine that I could've connected to during a time of fear and uncertainty. But even through recognizing that, what has now struck me the most is what has transpired over the last few weeks. Now, I am on a beautiful new journey connecting with each of you from around the world and I know we are on the path to building a community that we deserve and need for ourselves.

Among the ballet world, there has been a lack of representation in which hinders queer women towards feeling connected to each other and this continues to make it harder for many to feel confident to talk openly about sexuality. We continue to hold our thoughts and feelings inside because allowing ourselves to be vulnerable may be clouded by a number of reasons; two may consist of fear and shame. Though, what is beautiful and powerful about vulnerability is that we are given the space to be courageous in owning our own stories and we have to be okay with the uncertain outcomes. In the end, living our lives authentically is not necessarily based on how we want to be seen, but it is how we are needed to be seen.

Sharing our stories are a beautiful and pivotal part for each of us to recognize one another and to see how there are other women that we can relate to. But even with understanding this, I have struggled in finding the stories and conversations to feel that connection from time to time. That is why building this platform has shown me just how important it is to have this community. It is because of noticing how not just me, but how each of you need a space to be able to express your feelings, share your stories, and be able to have the opportunity to connect with each other that drives me to use my voice. I know sharing our stories may not be easy and may not be the right time for many, but it is the moment of exuding vulnerability that allows us to grasp onto our lives in a way of feeling complete.

I believe comfort is discovered by telling our stories. The moment I felt connected with another queer woman dancer was the moment everything shifted in my life in such a bright way. This was when I was able to really see another person like me in this industry and it allowed myself to let go of what I had held inside due to not feeling fully relatable to other women. Ultimately, it made me realize how we truly do need each other.

We need each other to help one another.

We need each other to build a community.

We need each other to be courageous and to be less fearful.

We need each other to unite our stories and to let our authenticity flourish.

Our Stories will be a page for the stories you want to share. I want to hear your truths and how your stories make you, you. These can either be written anonymously or openly. These can be about anything you have been wanting to share and to talk about; stories around coming out, having yet to come out, self discovery, involvement within the dance world, the struggles you may face in a ballet company, or topics around sexuality. This will be an open space for us to connect with one another by expressing and relieving what we have held onto inside for a long time.

Writing me via email, will be the easiest way to connect with me! But, I am always checking my instagram as well. Also, I want to emphasize that sharing these stories on my blog will only take place if it is what YOU want to do.

I look forward to hearing from you all and I am grateful to feel connected with many already.



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